Recent News

  • Exploding Radio Online!

    Our fantastically super and incredibly amazing album Exploding Radio is now available on our BandCamp site, for the low price of $7.00! This album hilariously won the 2009 SAMMY Award for best Metal/Alternative Album! Doesn’t that make you want to own it?!?!

  • Summertime!

    This weekend kicks off our summertime shows with a gig at good old Coleman’s Irish Pub! We’ll be playing once a month this summer, and doing a lot of writing  (and maybe some recording) in between. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay totally up to date! See you at the shows!

  • General Update

    Hey Action-land! I know it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve played a show. Really just like 3 months, but that’s a long time for us. We had a lot going on; Chris had two babies, Mike and Craig had birthdays, Adam went to Sochi for the olympics, and Rufus built a barn. Some [...]

  • 15 Year Anniversary!

    This fall we’ll be celebrating our 15th anniversary! We’ve been through a lot in that time: 4 albums, 3 EPs, 1 Simpson’s commercial, 2 SAMMY Awards, 2 names, 8 members, and countless performances! We’ll be celebrating in a number of ways but the biggest will be our Double Anniversary Party with The Causeway Giants! See the [...]

  • New Shows!

    As you can tell by the right side of this page, we’ve got a bunch of shows lined up for the spring/summer! And there will be more to come!


    Our new full length album ACCELERATOR is available now! Our new Christmas album TANGLED IN THE LIGHTS is too! You can order them from this site, buy them at our shows, or download them at the link above! Hooray!



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  • VVS Shoutout!
  • Louie the Lounge Singer