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  • New Vinyl EP – Monumental Instrumentals!

    We’re releasing a new 7″ vinyl EP called Monumental Instrumentals on November 14th!  Each record comes with a free download code of the 4 EP tracks, AND an additional free download of fan favorites “I’m Gonna Beat Up Your Boyfriend” and “Amy”. Wow! LRS Records will be hosting a HUGE record release party at the [...]

  • Skatos Is Dead – Available Now!

    SKATOS IS DEAD: A Collection of Early Work is now available for download at our Band Camp site! A new album of old songs recorded back in our early days. 19 songs for only $5! Get nostalgic!

  • Skatos Is Dead artwork and track list!

    Check out the artwork and track list for Skatos Is Dead: A Collection of Early Work, being released online July 28th at! 19 tracks of old school awesomeness! 1. April Fool Song 2. Buried 3. Beggars Can Be Choosers 4. Bomb Time 5. Forget About You 6. Home On Time 7. Surf Music 8. [...]

  • New(ish) Music – Skatos Is Dead

    As you may know, The Action! started out as a band called Skatos. Unfortunately, a lot of the Skatos catalog has been long out of print and unavailable… until now! On July 28th, SKATOS IS DEAD; a collection of the most worthwhile songs we recorded between 1999 and 2003 will be available for download on [...]

  • New Music Update!

    Who wants a new Action! record? If you said “me”, then 2015 might just be the year for you! We’ve got 8 songs recorded, more on the way, plus some big ideas including a full length record, a vinyl EP, release parties, and some other cool stuff. Get excited and stay tuned for more!

  • Bring on 2015!

    The new year is coming, and we are ready for it! We’ve got gigs booked through May already! Look at us being all prepared! Our annual State of the Band Meeting is coming up so we’ll have some more 2015 goals to share with you soon!



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